Novak Djokovic Fans to Celebrate His Return to USA Before US Open


It’s been nearly two years since Novak Djokovic played in the United States of America. Djokovic, who last played in the States in 2021 in the US Open Final, was forced to skip multiple masters tournaments and a Grand Slam due to not having taken the mandatory vaccination. The vaccination rule has been lifted, so his fans can finally watch him play.

Novak Djokovic has announced that he will not be attending the Toronto Masters. This is due to fatigue. His eager American fans await his return at the Cincinnati Masters, and then to the US Open.

Fans have been incredibly supportive, cheering loudly for the Serbian Legend. Djokovic’s fans were seen celebrating his return at the Beograd Cafe, Chicago.

The two posed with the Serbian Flag and also wore Djokovic shirts. On one of the flags, you can see that there is text on it. The text says, “Welcome USA Nole.” Chicago fan club.” There is no doubt that his fans missed him and will not miss any opportunity to see him live. It will be fascinating to see how Djokovic responds to this love, as the Serb is known for spending time with fans.

What happened to Novak Djokovic when he last played in America?

Novak Djokovic made his last US Open appearance in 2021. The Serb competed for the record Calendar Slam, becoming the first male to achieve it during the Open Era. The US Open was the perfect opportunity for him to build on his previous wins at the Australian Open and French Open. Djokovic had a tough first-round match with Holger Rane, which the Serb won with four sets.

In the third round, he faced Kei Nishikori again and won that match in four sets. In the quarter-finals, he played against Jenson Berettini and Matteo Berettini in two other four-set matches. His real exhaustion occurred in the Semi-Finals, when he faced Alexander Zverev. It was an exciting five-set match and Djokovic won the final set by 6-2.

Many rallies in the match had more than 30 shots, with one rally reaching almost 60 shots. The Serb was exhausted after a long match and he lost to Daniil Medidev in the final. Djokovic was beaten in the final by a straight set. He would like to change that result when he competes at the Flushing Mesa again.


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