Patrick Crusius Net Worth, Age, Bio and Much More


El Paso’s tranquility was shattered on a fateful 2019 day. The news of the mass shooting in a Walmart was a major news story on August 3. Patrick Crusius from Texas, a 25-year-old man, was responsible for making this day ordinary into a nightmare. He killed 23 innocents and injured 22 others while specifically targeting Hispanics shoppers with this targeted violence.

The Motive Behind Crime

Crusius’s hatred wasn’t an act of rage. The young Texan, armed only with an AK style rifle, had travelled over 700 miles to his hometown in Dallas. He posted a manifesto on the internet shortly before the shooting, in which he expressed his hatred for Hispanics. This was a way to stop a perceived invasion of Texas by Hispanics.

Incident Date3 August 2019
LocationWalmart, El Paso, Texas
PerpetratorPatrick Crusius
Victims23 killed, 22 injured
MotiveRacial prejudice against Hispanics
Net worth1Million – 5Million

Crusius and the Law

Crusius, who was involved in the horrific incident, was arrested immediately by Texas authorities. Crusius initially denied guilt at his October 10, 2019, arraignment. However, the evidence was overwhelming and the Department of Justice decided to not seek a death sentence for Crusius by February 8, 2023. On July 7, 2023 he received 90 consecutive life terms as punishment.

A Financial Settlement

On September 25, 2023, there were recent developments in this tragic story. Crusius, in an effort to offer some sort of restitution to his victims’ families, agreed to a large financial settlement. He committed to pay more than $5 million. While this agreement does not compensate for the irreparable losses, it is a gesture to acknowledge the magnitude of pain caused.

Who was Patrick Crusius before?

Patrick Crusius was born on July 27, 1997, in Allen, Texas. He grew up with a typical American family. His parents were John Bryan Crusius, and Lori Lynn Crusius. John Crusius, despite his being a therapist and battling drug addiction, was also a father. Patrick grew up with three siblings: Emily, Blake and Austin Crusius, his half-brother. This act of violence, which has revealed some of Patrick’s personal details, has brought his childhood to the forefront.

Life in Your Own Words

Patrick Crusius is a nondescript man. He stands at 5’7″ and weighs 152 pounds. Many are interested in his personal life and romantic relationships. There is no evidence to date that Crusius had a romantic relationship before his arrest. He was believed to be single and more interested in his worldviews than making personal connections.

Crusius Current Status

Patrick Crusius has been incarcerated for 90 years, serving his life sentence consecutively, for the hate crimes that he committed. The pain and trauma that he caused to countless families will never be fully repaired, but the swiftness of the legal system offers some comfort. Crusius’s story is a reminder of how deeply ingrained prejudices can be and what devastating results they can have.

The El Paso Walmart Shooting is a lesson on the dangers that unchecked hatred and prejudice can bring. The legal consequences have been met, but the healing process will be a lifetime journey for the families affected.


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