Paul Heyman Asks Stephen Smith for Greeting Tribal Chief Roman Reigns


Roman reigns appeared recently on ESPN First Take, where he discussed many things with Stephen Smith. The WWE is accustomed to the Tribal Chief being acknowledged and respected. Smith treated him casually on the talkshow. Paul Heyman was surprised by the host’s hugging of Roman.

The Wise man told the journalist he could not touch the tribal chief in that way. Stephen Smith was casual when he met Roman Reigns. He draped a Championship on his shoulder. Smith also joked about replacing Paul Heyman in the role of special counsel.

The highlight of the event was how Stephen Smith welcomed Roman and the reaction of Paul Heyman. The talk show host hugged the Undisputed champion like any other celebrity. Heyman’s reaction to the bugging was , “It gets you!”Paul Heyman is known for his hilarious moments. On the talk show, he gave us a hint of this by protecting the tribal chief. He played his role as Roman Reigns’ special counsel, the former CEO of ECW.

Roman’s reign as Tribal Chief was nothing short of magnificent. In a Tribal Combat Match, he will compete for the Undisputed Universal Championship at SummerSlam against Jeyuso. Reigns has been arguably the most successful WWE star of this generation. His 1000+ day title reign, which is unprecedented in WWE history, is the pinnacle of his excellence.

Roman Reigns’ direction after SummerSlam

The Tribal chief is the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion. He has been dominating on the scene. The Roman Reigns will defend his title against Jey Uso at SummerSlam. It is unlikely that he will drop his title at this time.

Roman Reigns is not sure what he will do after SummerSlam, but it is expected that he will have a new feud following his defeat of Jey Uso. There have been rumors stating that he would face Bobby Lashley in the later part of this year. Lashley’s return and desire to create a new rivalry on the main roster could make this happen soon.

Roman is also rumored as having a feud AJ Styles, since he hasn’t done much since his return. Styles, one of the biggest stars on the roster could have a great rivalry with the Tribal chief. Undisputed Champion has endless possibilities.


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