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Reiky De Valk, a young, promising actor from the Netherlands who passed away unexpectedly on March 5, 2000 has left a huge hole in the Dutch television industry. Reiky de Valk was born in Amsterdam on 5th March 2000. His journey to fame has been rapid and significant. Although his light will dim abruptly at 25 September 2023 his legacy will continue to shine in the Dutch entertainment annals.

Full nameReiky de Valk
Date Of Birth5 March 2000
Date Passed25 September 2023
Birth PlaceAmsterdam
Age of Passing23 Years
Notable WorkSkam NL (2018), Hunter Street (2017), Modern Love Amsterdam (2022)
EducationPrivate University in Amsterdam, Private High School
HeightAround 5 feet 11 inches
WeightAround 65 kg
Net Worth (Estimated)Around $800k
Instagram Handle@reikyrich

A glimpse into Reiky’s Early Days

Reiky De Valk was born and raised in Amsterdam. He attended a private school that is renowned in the city. After completing his education, Reiky de Valk attended a prestigious university. However, the exact institution is not known. Many aspects of his life are private, such as his religious beliefs and zodiac sign. However, his talent in acting is undeniable.

A Great Start to Television

Reiky has made a name for himself on the Dutch television scene despite his young age. In 2018, he made his debut on our screens, with a brilliant performance in “Skam NL”. His TV debut was marked by this role, but it also marked the start of a promising acting career. The chemistry between him and Kyra in “Hunter Street”, which was a collaboration, impressed viewers.

Reiky’s personal life: The mystery of a mysterious person

Reiky’s private life is largely a mystery. Reiky has always maintained an air of secrecy surrounding his relationships and family life; we only know of his Dutch nationality but not much else about either parents and siblings. Additionally, Reiky chose not to reveal details regarding his romantic affairs despite fans and media inquiry; leading many people speculate whether or not there exists romantic interest for Reiky at present.

Physical Attributes, Net Worth

Reiky was a powerful presence on and off screen. His talent and perseverance enabled him to amass an estimated net wealth of $800,000. This figure may not be accurate, but it is clear that Reiky’s trajectory was one of success and wealth.

Social Media Presence

Instagram user @reikyrich offers a glimpse into Reiky’s life away from his acting roles. His impressive following of 30.2k followers at the time of his death is a testament to Reiky’s growing popularity and connection with his fans around the world.

A Legacy Remembered

Reiky De Valk’s untimely death on 25 September 2023 stunned the entertainment industry and his many fans. However, the work he has left behind will ensure he is not forgotten. Reiky will always remain remembered not only as an actor who passed far too soon but for leaving an everlasting mark with those whom he touched through “Hunter Street” and “Skam NL”. Reiky left an indelible mark not only through the roles he played but also within hearts he touched along his journey. Reiky will live on in peoples’ memories for generations to come.


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