Roman Safiullin Wife Liudmyla Smolanova Everything You Should Know


Roman Safiullin is an esteemed Russian tennis player acclaimed for his superior playing abilities on court, yet remains somewhat guarded about his private life. While details regarding Roman’s relationship with Liudmyla remain under wraps, increasing interest has arisen regarding Roman’s wife – Liudmyla has since been named his wife after being made public through this article! Here, this piece seeks to shed some light onto this relationship between Roman and Liudmyla and how Roman and Liudmyla met one another! This article seeks to shed more light upon them both so as to bring their respective relationship more fully into focus!

Roman Safiullin Is an Emerging Star in Tennis Roman Safiullin, a Russian professional tennis player known for his powerful groundstrokes and robust style of play has quickly made waves on the international tennis scene with his powerful groundstrokes and robust style of play. Safiullin attained his highest ATP rankings of No 146 Singles ATP ranking 2022 while also holding multiple ITF Futures titles throughout his career, underscoring both talent and potential.

With his strong commitment and outstanding skill set, despite being relatively young. Let’s now take a peek into his personal life.

Liudmyla Safiullin: the woman behind Roman Safiullin
Liudmyla Safiullin has long remained mysterious to many of Roman’s fans; yet Liudmyla SMolanova boasts an extensive background in UX/UI design for companies like French fashion house Celine and Spanish furniture firm Andersen Furniture and Interior among many more.

Details regarding her personal life remain limited; although she maintains a private Instagram page for herself. But she’s much more forthcoming with regard to professional endeavors.

Liudmyla revealed she has both an older sister and twin sisters. Liudmyla boasts an outstanding academic history; graduating with distinction from the High School of Economy Art and Design with a degree in Design and Programming of Modern Systems as well as holding a Master’s in the Economy of Enterprise from her studies there, Liudmyla has traveled widely having visited over 16 different countries!

Roman Safiullin and Liudmyla Smolanova Have Enjoyed an Undisclosed Marital Life
Both Safiullin and Smolanova manage to lead low-key married lives; Roman announced their engagement via Instagram in November 20. Details surrounding their wedding remain undisclosed.

Smolanova gave away their engagement when she posted on Instagram calling Safiullin “the best husband in the world”. Since their announcement of engagement was no secret either way, their journeys across Asia as a couple proved otherwise and evidence of happiness between the pair can be seen frequently posted from travel photos they take together; although without children yet and focused solely on careers.

Age Gap Between Roman Safiullin & Liudmyla Samolanova
Roman was born on 7 August 1997, turning 26 in 2023. Liudmyla Smolanova remains unknown but her exact birthday remains unidentified; an October 2022 post by Liudmyla revealed she was 25 at that point which indicates they may both be around similar ages – however any age difference might only be minimal and might only vary by several months at most.

Their mutual appreciation and admiration of one another’s work speak volumes of their relationship’s strength despite an apparent age difference between them.

Roman Safiullin remains popular with tennis enthusiasts worldwide and his marriage with Liudmyla stands as an exemplary model of mutual respect and understanding between partners.


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