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Sally Kempton was an accomplished spiritual luminary who passed away on 10 July 2023, much to the sorrow of many friends and followers alike who appreciated her knowledge of Kashmir Shaivism, Vedanta, as well as how easily she integrated spiritual principles into daily life. Her passing left many sadden by this loss.

Sally was an esteemed meditation teacher, Yogi philosopher and author who dedicated her life to spreading wisdom and helping people discover inner peace. Her unexpected death sent shockwaves through spiritual communities worldwide.

Sally Kempton was widely respected meditation teacher. For over 20 years, she served an ancient Vedic monastic order, leaving a mark upon many through spiritual insight and compassionate guidance.

Many have been inspired and guided by her works “Awakening Shakti” or “Meditation For The Love Of It”. An award-winning author who has contributed articles for publications like Esquire New Yorker Village Voice.

Her unique blend of Eastern wisdom with Western insight resonated deeply with people, inspiring many to embrace spirituality as part of everyday life. Her teachings also made an impressionful contribution at numerous international forums on religion.

Sally Kempton Dies: News
Her family posted the sad news to Sally’s social media accounts the morning she died; their message said it all: “Sally left this world on Monday morning, July 10, 2023 and this announcement comes with great sorrow from us all. Please accept our sincerest sympathies at this difficult time.”

Zoom will host a 13-day memorial service honoring her student community beginning July 23, 2023.

Uncertain Circumstances : Cause of Death
Although Sally Kempton died under unceremonious circumstances, we do know she battled chronic illness throughout her life and shared spiritual teachings until the very last moment – a testament to both her tenacity and commitment. Her teachings continue to inspire many within spiritual realm. Her legacy lives on.

Sally Kempton’s Family in Mourning
Sally’s family are grieving in these difficult times and prefer not to make public statements due to Sally’s personal desire for privacy and an intimate life that she wanted kept out of public view.

Her family provided unfailing support during her spiritual journey. Their lives have been left with an irreparable hole since her passing away, yet knowing her teachings continue to guide so many on their spiritual quest provides comforting reassurances.

Sally Kempton left behind an extensive network of spiritual followers during her spiritual journey; they mourn her passing while remembering all she taught and shared over time.

Sally Kempton’s passing marks an end to an era for spiritual teachings; yet her legacy will continue to provide guidance towards inner peace and spiritual growth for individuals across all areas.


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