Scam 2003 Complete Details Including its Release Date and Streaming


Scam 2003 The Telgi Story Season 1 will premiere on September 2, 2020. The series has received a lot of attention, not only because it was a sequel to Scam 1992: The Harshad Mehta Story but also for its fascinating subject matter, which promises to explore one of India’s biggest financial scams. Fans are already excited as the countdown to the release of the show has begun.

What is the plot of Scam 2003 The Telgi Story season 1?

The Scam2003 web series is based upon the real-life fraud perpetrated on Indian financial system by Abdul Karim Telgi. He was infamous for his counterfeit paper fraud which shook it. The series, which draws its story from Sanjay Singh’s book ‘Reporter Ki Diary’ by journalist Sanjay Singh, aims to give a detailed look at how the scam unfolded and its wide-reaching effects. Gagan Dev Rair is set to play Abdul Karim Telgi. The series is directed and scripted Hansal Mehta & Kiran Yadnyopavit.

What is the cast and crew of Scam 2003 The Telgi Story?

Other cast members are still a mystery. Gagan Dev Riar is confirmed to be playing the role of Abdul Karim Telgi. Tushar Hiranandani will direct the series, which is a sequel to Scam 1992. Hansal Mehta who directed the original installment joins the project in the role of scriptwriter, along with Kiran Yadnyopavit. This team is a powerhouse that promises to deliver an online series that will live up to the previous installment.

Where can I watch Scam 2003 The Telgi Story online?

SonyLIV will have the entire series of Scam 2003 The Telgi Story available for those who are as excited as everyone else to see it. SonyLIV, a platform known for its diverse and high-quality content, is the official place to stream the series after its release.

Why is Scam 2003 The Telgi Story so popular?

Scam 2003 is a direct result of the unprecedented success of Scam 2002. The series also tackles an event in real life that had a major impact on the country, which makes it a fascinating subject. It is one of the most anticipated releases on OTT in 2023 because of its gripping storyline and the excitement that has been built up around the cast.

What are the highlights of Scam 2003 The Telgi Story season 1?

This new season will feature actors such as Nitesh C and Vishal Kumar, and viewers can expect to see a dramatized version that explains the Telgi Scam in detail. This series is a must-watch for all viewers, whether you are a casual or binge-watcher. According to the information available, fans can watch it on Sony LIV.

Prepare yourself for a web-series that will be both entertaining and enlightening, capturing the essence a scandal which rocked the country.


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