Special Forces Season 2 Release Date, Trailer, Story


Reality TV is full of shows that are entertaining and have a lot of adrenaline-pumping challenges. Special Forces is famous for its physical challenges that challenge contestants to their limits, with season 2 poised to introduce all new obstacles as well as high-profile contestants.

What are the Special Forces?

Special Forces is a reality competition show in which contestants are put through dangerous physical challenges. These challenges are designed to test the contestants’ physical and mental stamina and resilience. They make for exciting TV moments. The emotions of the audience are heightened as contestants try to win each challenge.

Who are the stars of Season 2?

Season 2’s participants span all aspects of life – reality television stars, Hollywood players and professional athletes will all make for fascinating stories in Season 2. Cast includes:

  • Tom Sandoval – Tom Sandoval is a reality TV expert who gained fame from the show Vanderpump Rules.
  • Dez. Bryant. This NFL star has no problem with physical challenges, but how will he do in the unfamiliar terrains and conditions of Special Forces?
  • Tyler Cameron and Nick Viall : It would be interesting to see their camaraderie in this new environment.
  • Savannah Chrisley and Blac Chyna are two strong personalities who promise to make the season unforgettable.
  • Brian Austin Green and Robert Horry will make an interesting viewing experience. Their varied experiences in the television world and on the basketball court respectively will certainly make it a fascinating watch.
  • Erin Jackson and Bode Miller have Olympic backgrounds, so they are no strangers to competition. But Special Forces is a whole different game.
  • Jack Osbourne is followed by Tara Reid, Kelly Rizzo and JoJo Sifwa. Each brings their own flair and strength to the competition.

What surprises does the Season 2 trailer hold?

The challenges of this season, set against the icy backdrops of New Zealand aren’t just about physical strength but also about battling the elements. Staff agent Billy’s chilling words set the mood: “These celebrities will soon discover that the cold can kill them in minutes.” The trailer teases the viewers with snippets about the daunting tasks the contestants face.

Tara Reid’s confession is one of the most memorable moments. She declares her desire to compete rather than simply fill in numbers – something this season promises. High stakes games promise plenty of excitement.

When can we catch the premiere?

Fans don’t need to wait long. Fox will premiere Season Two of its hit series Special Forces on September 25, 2015. While an exact date and slot haven’t been chosen just yet, given how eager viewers will likely be, September 25 should prove ideal for its premiere.

“Special Forces” Season 2 is preparing to be much more than a reality series. It promises to be a gripping story with its combination of perilous tasks, a star studded cast and the captivating New Zealand setting. Mark your calendars to attend the September 25 event, whether you want to experience the excitement of the challenges or the celebrity dynamic. The battle against nature is about to start!


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