Ted Potter Jr Wife Cheri Renee Potter Children Complete Details


Ted Potter Jr. and Cheri Renee Potter will celebrate ten years together this year! After first meeting each other in 2013, they made the commitment to marry, being there through all the triumphs and trials together.

Cheri Renee Potter has become famous for her undivided devotion to Ted Potter’s career in golf. Though her life remains private, her influence can still be felt within their family dynamic; Cheri frequently participates in their children’s lives and attends Ted’s sporting events alongside them.

Ted Potter Jr.’s Children: The Joys of Parenting
Their romance took an exciting and heartwarming turn with Corbin being born first – as was Adelynn three years later! Now with four members under their wings, this makes up the Potter family unit.

Ted Potter Jr. is an affectionate father who spends all his free time caring for and playing sports with his children, providing guidance, as well as creating an empowering atmosphere within their home environment. Cheri plays an active role, too – this dynamic depicting an extended family united through love and support.

Ted Potter Jr.’s Origins: Exploration of His Ethnicity
Born in Ocala to Dale and Ted Potter Sr, Ted Potter Jr was raised by both parents – Dale being an experienced golf-course maintenance professional while Ted Sr was responsible for store department management – who cared for him throughout his upbringing.

Ted Potter Jr. may identify with more than one race or ethnic group, yet ethnicity alone doesn’t provide an accurate depiction of his cultural background and heritage. Instead, his success as a professional golfer defines him more than ethnicity can ever do – it stems from talent and dedication rather than any predetermined definitions or boundaries that restrict success in its entirety.

Ted Potter Jr. has proven the importance of harmony, love and commitment for any journey to be fruitful. As he pursues his golfing career with determination and his family serving as his constant support – Cheri being at his side throughout all this process as Cheri cheered Ted on.


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