Tomodachi Game Chapter 116 Release Date, Spoilers and Storyline


Since its debut in 2013, the riveting manga “Tomodachi Game”, also known as the “Friendship Game”, keeps its readers on the edge. This drama-filled series, crafted by Yamaguchi Mikoto and Satou Yuuki’s intricate artwork, has delves deep into the worlds of psychology, mysteries, and youth-driven dramatics. Let’s explore the mysteries that Chapter 116 promises to reveal.

Manga TitleTomodachi Game (Friendship Game)
AuthorsYamaguchi Mikoto (Writer), Satou Yuuki (Artist)
GenresShounen, Mystery, Ecchi, Drama
Initial Release2013
Serialization MagazineBessatsu Shounen Magazine (Kodansha)
English LicenseK-manga
Previous Chapter RecapThe final arc begins, a complex riddle is revealed, and questions about the traitor, mastermind, and other suspects are revealed
Key themes in Chapter 116Katagiri’s past and the traitor of Group C, revealing the game’s mastermind
Release DateSeptember 14, 2023
PlatformsK-Manga (English version), Kodansha (Raw Scan)
Raw Scan Release is ExpectedSeptember 10, 2023

A Short Recap: The Essence Chapter 115

It’s important to know the dramatic buildup to Chapter 116 before we continue. In the previous chapter, we saw that the story was moving towards its conclusion. The penultimate puzzle was the focus of attention. It not only confused the mind, but also threatened death if the answer was wrong.

This chapter revolves around three enigmatic issues: the identity of Group C’s traitor; the sins committed by the protagonist Katagiri; and, most intriguingly, who is the puppeteer controlling the Tomodachi Game. Kokogi’s claim that he knows the answers sets up a shocking revelation in Chapter116.

Anticipating Chapter 116

Chapter 116, scheduled to be released on September 14, 20,23, is already creating a buzz in various time zones from Tokyo to New York. Manga fans from all over the world are synching their clocks with anticipation.

Themes central to

  1. Unmasking Traitor : With suspicions high and loyalty under scrutiny, finding the traitor in Group C promises to be a dramatic experience.
  2. Katagiri’s Past : The turbulent history of Katagiri and the hint to his unrevealed sins will provide deeper layers for the story and character.
  3. The Mastermind Revealed : The ultimate revelation – who orchestrates the twisted Tomodachi Game? This could be the revelation that turns the series upside down.

Platforms and Availability

K-Manga will make Chapter 116 available to both new and devoted readers. Kodansha is expected to release raw scans that capture the essence of the original Japanese edition by September 10, 2023. The monthly release schedule of the series and the meticulous translation processes ensure linguistic authenticity.

“Tomodachi Game”, with its complex plot twists and psychological themes, has always been a favorite. The manga’s Chapter 116 is poised to be an important chapter. The manga community around the world holds their collective breath as the countdown begins. They are eager to dive into the revelations and solutions that this chapter is expected to bring.


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