Trevor Coates Obituary – Who Was Trevor Coates? How Did Trevor Coates Died?


Trevor Coates’ death, as a promising and young person, affected Brompton Regs, particularly the Wiveliscombe rugby club, where he played a prominent role. The tragic accident that led to his untimely demise has left a void in the hearts of those who loved him and amongst his peers.

Quick Facts

Quick DetailsInformation
Name:Trevor Coates
Age of Passing:23
Date Passed:December 5, 2020
Birthplace:Brompton Regis
Legacy:Rugby, sportsmanship and friendship
Incident Location:B3227 near Blackerton Cross, East Anstey

Trevor’s Early Years at Brompton Regis:

Brompton Regis is known for its tight-knit communities. Trevor Coates grew up in this town. Trevor Coates grew up in a community that was known for its close-knitness. He quickly made connections as both a local and as a person whose spirit and vibrancy became synonymous with town’s ethos. This section examines his early years, the relationships he formed, and the sparks that ignited his rugby passion.

The Rugby Realm – Rise of a Star

Trevor’s passion for rugby was more than just a hobby. The story of Trevor’s association with Wiveliscombe Rugby Club and the Minehead Barbarians reveals a young man that was not only talented on the field, but also had a strong spirit. The journey of a rugby player from a novice to an influential force in the sport is detailed. It captures his dedication, evolution and impact on the teams that he played for.

Team Spirit, the Essence:

Trevor displayed qualities that were appreciated by teammates and rivals alike. His camaraderie, which was always ready to offer an encouraging word or supportive gestures, was notable. This segment, which includes personal stories and memories, highlights his dedication to team spirit and how he became an icon of sportsmanship, brotherhood, and camaraderie in the rugby community.

The Fateful night: Recounting Tragedy in

The Coates family, and Brompton Regis, experienced a tragic event on December 5, 2020. Here, we detail the events that took place on December 5, 2020, as well as the circumstances that led to the tragic accident. This section is intended to give a complete account of the accident and pay tribute to Trevor.

Community Outpouring of Gloom:

The sudden death of Trevor sent shockwaves through the entire community. This section captures the reactions of the community, from personal expressions to collective grief. The Wiveliscombe and Minehead Barbarians pay tribute to Trevor, showing how much his passing has affected them.

An Ongoing Investigation: Finding Answers

The Devon and Cornwall Police Department began an extensive investigation of the collision in order to gain clarity. This segment traces the steps taken by authorities to find the truth and bring justice to this accident.

Preserving memories: The legacy lives on:

Although no words will ever be able to fill the void that Trevor’s premature death has left, many find comfort in remembering Trevor and his contributions. We explore here the initiatives, gestures, and actions taken by family members, friends, and community to continue Trevor’s legacy. Trevor’s spirit lives on in many hearts through simple acts of remembrance or charitable activities.

Trevor Coates lived a life filled with passion, purpose and a love for rugby that was undeniable. His physical absence will be felt deeply, but his legacy as an accomplished rugby player, beloved son and friend, will remain forever etched in Brompton Regis’ and the wider rugby community’s history.


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