Troy Marcell Nicholson Death And Obituary Find the Essential Updates


Officer Troy Marcell Nicholson was known for his compassion, dedication to service and service-mindedness. He died unexpectedly on July 15, 2023, at the age 32. This shocking news left a deep void in his community and amongst his loved ones and colleagues. While we wait for more information about the circumstances surrounding his death, we pay tribute to this extraordinary individual.

Troy Marcell Nicholson, The Man Behind the Badge

Officer Troy Marcell Nicholson served with distinction and honor his community. Before his tenure as the Upper Merion Township Police Department, which began in July 2017 he held positions at both the Royersford Borough Police Department and the Amity Township Police Department. Officer Nicholson also worked as a security officer supervisor at AlliedBarton. This shows his dedication to law enforcement.

His dedication to professional development and his commitment to protecting and serving his community are evidence of his commitment.

Officer Nicholson’s untimely death was an unexpected loss

On July 15, 2023 Officer Nicholson died unexpectedly, while off duty. Upper Merion Township Police Department confirmed Nicholson’s death, sending his family, his friends and his colleagues into deep mourning.

The death of Officer Nicholson is being kept private for the time being, as her family has asked that it be so. They have instead focused on completing funeral arrangements and dealing their loss.

The Unanswered Questions: The Causes of Death

The cause of death for Officer Troy Marcell Nicholson remains a secret, as his family has chosen to keep it private. In this time of deep grief, the community supports and respects the family’s decision. They offer their condolences and love.

The sudden death of this man has deeply affected those who were fortunate enough to have known him. He was an honorary member of the Upper Merion Township Police Department. He was also an amazing friend and a vital member of his community.

A Life Remembered : Paying Honor to Officer Nicholson

The cause of Troy Marcell Nicholson’s death is not known, but the absence of this man will be felt deeply by all who knew him. The UM Police Department and Upper Merion Fire Department along with an honor guard were in attendance at the Bacchi funeral home in Bridgeport to receive the body of Troy Marcell Nicholson. This was a show of respect for the dedicated service he provided.

Officer Troy Marcell Nicholson, an outstanding police officer, will be fondly remembered as an extraordinary person and a valuable friend. They know that while they mourn his loss, the prayers, support and thoughts of their community will give them strength.

Standing Together, the Community Mourns

We mourn the loss of Officer Troy Marcell Nicholson and remember his life. We also pay respect to an individual that dedicated their time and resources in serving others. The community is united in silent support of the bereaved families and honoring someone who dedicated his life to keeping others safe.

In this difficult moment, we send our prayers and thoughts to Officer Nicholson’s family, his friends and his colleagues. His legacy will continue to live on within those whose lives were touched by him, as well as in the communities where he served.

Even after his death, Officer Nicholson’s impact on those around him continues to be felt. We will remember his unwavering commitment, his kind heart, and his tireless service to protect his community. His life is an example and inspiration for us all. Officer Troy Marcell Nicholson you will be missed.


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