Trudy Appleby Missing Read the Facts


Who was Trudy Appleby

Trudy Appleby, who disappeared at 11 from Moline in 1996 at age 11, stands as an emblematic representation of unsolved child disappearances. She was widely beloved within her community with an energetic personality and warm smile making her immensely beloved; both family and friends will never forget Trudy despite over two decades passing since she vanished without trace. Trudy’s mysterious case provoked huge media interest as well as extensive police inquiries that still do not provide definitive answers as investigators and public alike continue trying to piece together what occurred that day from Moline to discover its truth and who could hold onto these mysteries that remain unexposed themselves on us today despite our best efforts and investigations that still cannot bring closure despite our best efforts and investigations are yet unable to uncover its entirety.

What were the circumstances of her disappearance?

Trudy was last seen leaving her Moline home with an unknown individual driving a gray box-style vehicle; investigations by both local law enforcement as well as Illinois State Police have yet to yield conclusive answers as her case remains open and hauntingly unanswered.

Who are the suspects in her case?

Over time, multiple individuals have been identified as persons of concern regarding Trudy’s disappearance. Law enforcement have conducted interviews and investigations of each suspect with complex pasts or connections to Trudy; while some suspects have either passed on or chosen not to speak out publicly regarding her fate; definitive evidence linking any one or more to Trudy is yet elusive but investigators remain determined in finding those responsible for Trudy’s disappearance.

What is the current direction of the investigation?

The Moline Police Department recently initiated a search on 8th Street in Colona. This could prove pivotal; with excavation workers present and renewed hopes that truth would emerge. Several law enforcement agencies including East Moline Police Department, Illinois State Police and even FBI all joining together as investigators join this mission of seeking answers for Colona murder case. This shows their determination in uncovering all evidence needed.

What can the public do?

In cases like Trudy’s, the public plays an essential part. Moline Police Department and other agencies continue their search for clues; any residents with even minute pieces of information that might help are encouraged to come forward – even old photos, memories or overheard conversations could contain clues that lead us closer to unraveling this heartbreaking mystery.


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