Tyrese Gibson Ex Wife Check out What Happened to Them!

ATLANTA, GEORGIA - DECEMBER 21: Samantha Lee Gibson and Tyrese Gibson attend 36th Annual Atlanta UNCF Mayor’s Masked Ball at Atlanta Marriott Marquis on December 21, 2019 in Atlanta, Georgia. (Photo by Paras Griffin/Getty Images)

Who is Norma Gibson, and what does she do?

Norma Gibson was the ex-wife of actor and musician Tyrese Gibson. Norma Gibson has been in the spotlight for the media despite their short marriage. The legal battles over custody of their daughter Shayla and the court cases have kept her there. We take a look at Norma’s life, her turbulent relationship with Tyrese and their current situation.

Where and when was Norma Gibson born?

The early years of Norma Gibson remain a mystery. According to sources, she was born in the 1980s. This would make her 40 at this time of 2021. There is another mystery: some think she’s American or London-born, while others believe it. Norma revealed that she was a British Citizen, which could indicate her British origin. Norma is Jewish and hails from Israel.

What is known about Norma and Tyrese’s marriage?

The marriage between Norma Gibson, Tyrese Gibson was not secretive; it was short and one-sided. Tyrese Gibson announced their divorce intention in 2007 in 2009. After secretly meeting, the couple exchanged vows on October 17, 2007, and were married. They separated in 2008 before they had even celebrated a year of marriage.

Shayla was born on July 11, 2007 as a result of the union. Shayla Gibson is now 16 years old and Tyrese has been reminiscing about her 14th Birthday on Instagram.

Why did Norma Gibson refuse to work after her divorce?

The ongoing legal disputes between Norma and Tyrese are a major reason for her staying in the spotlight even after the divorce. In November 2018, Norma refused to look for work, which was the subject of a dispute. Norma refused to work despite court orders urging that she do so. Tyrese took legal action after Norma refused to work and support their child.

What about Tyrese’s love life? What about Tyrese?

Norma Gibson chose to live a quiet life after her divorce. She has kept her private life a secret and has mostly avoided the media, with the exception of the occasional headline resulting from the custody battles. Her privacy is further enhanced by her not being active on social networks. Norma is still unmarried, and no one knows that she has dated anyone since her divorce.

Tyrese’s love life is much more public. He began a relationship after his divorce with Norma, in 2009. They began to fall in love and exchanged vows on 14 February 2017. On October 1, 2018, the couple welcomed a baby girl, Soraya.

In conclusion

Norma Gibson remains unknown to many outside her immediate circle despite becoming famous through Tyrese Gibson and their subsequent legal disputes. Since their divorce, she has chosen not to remain public and show herself on public displays; Tyrese, however, continues to share glimpses into his private life through his entertainment industry career; Shayla always remains at the centre of any relationship, regardless of their outcome. Healing, growth and her well-being should be our main goals.


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