Victoria Beckham Speaks Up on Her Husband David Beckham Affair


David and Victoria Beckham are one of the most famous couples in the world. Their two-decade relationship intertwines both their personal and professional lives. Netflix dives deep into the love story of Beckham and provides an intimate view at their challenges, joys and revelations.

Important Details:

First meetingA soccer match in 1997
Secret DatesParking lots and garages
Birth of BrooklynMarch 4, 1999
Kidnapping threatsBrooklyn was born in 1837.
Date and location of the weddingThe 4th of July 1999 at Luttrellstown Castle, near Dublin
Transfer to Real Madrid2003
Docuseries title“Beckham”

The First Encounter When Two Worlds Collide

David and Victoria both reached the height of their careers in the mid-1990s. David was a rising soccer superstar, and Victoria was a member of Spice Girls. Their paths crossing can be summarized in one word, destiny. David confided to his teammate Gary Neville that he had seen Victoria on TV and expressed his desire to marry her one day. Victoria, who was not a soccer fan, was attracted to David’s handsome appearance in magazines. The first time they met in 1997, at a soccer match, there was mutual attraction. This led to an impromptu contact and the start of their romance.

Secret Rendezvous: Challenges in a Growing Relationship

The beginning of the relationship was not easy, despite the obvious sparks. Victoria’s manager advised her to keep their budding relationship secret, which led to secretive meetings taking place in parking lots and garages. David’s commitment was evident during this covert time. He would travel for hours and charter planes to be with Victoria. These initial sacrifices showed the depth of their relationship, and laid the foundation for a strong bond.

Brooklyn’s Birth: Joy and Fears

David and Victoria welcomed Brooklyn, their first child in 1999. The moment that should have been pure joy was marred by paranoia and external threats. David’s protective instincts kicked in instantly as a dad. The fear for their child’s security, exacerbated by threats of kidnapping, overshadowed happiness at becoming parents. Despite these difficult times, they remained united.

Their bond is a testament to their fairytale wedding

The couple married at Luttrellstown Castle in the same year. David, now jokingly, questions the fashion choice of wearing purple for their reception. Their wedding was a testimony to their love and strength despite the difficulties they had faced.

Trials in Spain: Facing together the world

After David was transferred to Real Madrid, in 2003, their move to Spain was one of the toughest times in their relationship. Victoria shares candidly how she and David felt alone during this period. It was their unyielding dedication that got them through the turbulent waters.

David and Victoria Beckham’s love story isn’t just about glamour and glitz. It is a testament of unwavering love, enduring commitment and resilience in the face adversity. One thing is clear as we follow their journey: they have faced the world together, through highs and lowers.


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