What Happened to Marcus Mariota Explore the Insights


Marcus Mariota, an American football quarterback recently spent eight seasons with Atlanta Falcons before signing with Philadelphia Eagles to continue his NFL journey. Marcus Mariota recently moved onto another chapter after spending 8 seasons with Atlanta Falcons but during an unresolved transition period with them and signed with Philadelphia Eagles to continue his NFL journey.

Marcus Mariota Has Joined the Eagles Marcus Mariota recently left Atlanta but found an exciting opportunity in Philadelphia as part of Jalen Hurts’ replacement in a one-year contract to serve as backup quarterback, with Howie Roseman showing confidence in Mariota to step in when necessary and lead their offense when necessary.

Mariota Fits in Well With the Eagles Offense
Mariota brings athleticism, mobility, and versatility that fits well with Eagles offensive system. Should Hurts become unavailable as an option for his replacement quarterback role, Mariota may make for an excellent alternative but his history of injuries warrants caution if starting duties become necessary for any given week.

Current Philadelphia Eagles quarterback depth chart features Jalen Hurts as their starting quarterback; Marcus Mariota serves as their backup. Tanner McKee, Ian Book, and Tanner McKee round out their starting five.

Marcus Mariota: His Journey So Far
Marcus Mariota has spent four NFL teams over his long career: Tennessee Titans (his initial squad), Las Vegas Raiders, Atlanta Falcons and most recently, Philadelphia Eagles.

Mariota was selected by the NFL in the first round and quickly demonstrated his abilities both as starting and backup quarterback. His experience playing football, even during challenging circumstances such as injuries and team release, makes Mariota invaluable as an Eagle quarterback.

Mariota’s Resilience in the NFL Marcus Mariota kept going despite losing the starting quarterback position to Desmond Ridder on February 28, 2023 and being released from Las Vegas Raiders. Marcus hopes that moving to Philadelphia may give him another opportunity to reignite and enhance his professional career; still active within NFL activities he participates fully.

Marcus Mariota’s Faith
Marcus Mariota identifies as Christian; however, he expresses an admiration for Mormonism by developing relationships within its community. Additionally, during an interview, Mariota asserted his conviction that athletes should use their athletic ability to honor God through glorifying their athletic capabilities.

Marcus Mariota (Marcus Ardel Taulauniu Mariota), currently plays for Philadelphia Eagles of NFL. Tennessee Titans selected him second overall at 2015 NFL Draft; prior to this he served as starting quarterback of University of Oregon’s football team from 2012-14 gaining valuable experience while on Oregon campus which later helped launch his professional football career with Philadelphia Eagles.


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