Where is Juana Barraza Now? Complete Details


Juana Barraza has left behind a chilling history. From a troubled youth to her terrifying reign as Mexico’s most notorious killer, “La Mataviejitas” is a serial killer who had a troubled past. This article takes a look at her life from her childhood to her present life in prison.

What is Juana Baraza?

Juana Barraza was a former professional wrestler who became one of Mexico’s most notorious serial killers. Her victims, elderly women, gave her the nickname “La Mataviejitas”, or “The Little Old Lady Killer”.

It wasn’t till 2003 that authorities realized her pattern of crimes. According to various sources, she may have been responsible for 42 to 48 murders. Only 16 murders were enough to convict her, and she was sentenced to 759 years in prison.

Mataviejitas Case: Other Suspects

Although the arrest of Juana Baraza was the end of the Mataviejitas investigation, other suspects have been arrested in relation to these murders. Araceli Vazquez, Mario Tablas and other suspects were arrested in 2005. They were also called “The Mataviejitas”.

Juana Barraza’s Current Situation

Juana Barraza is currently incarcerated in Mexico City’s Santa Martha de Acatitla Prison, where she has been sentenced to 759 years for her horrendous crimes. Mexican law imposes maximum sentences of 60 years. In Barraza’s situation, however, multiple long prison terms accumulated into the staggering 759-year sentence.

Barraza was 50 at the time she received her sentence and is likely to spend the rest of her life behind bars, working as a fitness instructor and selling food in order to support herself and her family financially.

Juana Barraza and Juana Barraza: A Brief Marriage in Prison

Juana was able to maintain a personal life while behind bars. She married Miguel Quiroz in 2015, but the marriage was short-lived. They divorced after a year.

Juana Barraza: A Closer Look

The crime spree of Barraza is hard to imagine. She would pose as social workers or doctors to gain the trust of elderly women before taking advantage of that to rob and kill them.

Ana Maria de los Reyes Alfaro, a 89-year old woman, was stopped in her tracks by a tenant who interrupted the murder attempt. She confessed three murders upon her arrest but police suspected she was involved in more than 40 deaths.

Juana Barraza: The many victims

Juana Barraza had been charged with 30 murder counts, but was only convicted of 16. Some estimates put the number of victims at 48, but it is not known for sure. Over 30 of these cases are still unresolved. They leave a legacy of unanswered question.

Juana Barraza: What Motives her?

Barraza’s brutal killings are still a mystery. Others suggest that her resentment towards her abusive mother may have been the driving force. Her multiple unsolved murders suggest a darker, deeper psychological profile, which is still not fully understood.

Juana Barraza is a testament to the dark side of the human mind. Her story highlights the need to understand the causes of violence and how important it is to address them.


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