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Early Years in the Music Industry

John Reid was born in Paisley on 9 September 1949. His parents were a welder and a shopworker. Reid, a future music industry giant, began his journey in St Mirin’s Academy where he shared the halls with future singers Gerry Rafferty, and Joe Egan.

In 1967, Reid joined EMI as a music promoter at the age of 18. After proving himself, Reid was appointed UK manager of the American Tamla Motown record label a year after.

Elton John and Setting up His Own Company

Reid, in 1971, dared to go it alone, establishing his own management company using modest savings and a small loan. In 1971, Reid met Reg Dwight – a young musician who would go on to become Elton John.

Manage Elton John: Professional Relationships and Personal Romance

Reid’s career made a significant leap when he began managing Elton John at the end of the 70s. He managed him for nearly 20 years, from 1972 to 1998. Reid played a key role in the journey of Elton John, helping him to secure record deals, organize tours and navigate the complex music industry.

Their professional relationship was not limited to concert halls and boardrooms. Reid and John lived together for five years during which they shared a romantic relationship. Their personal relationship ended but their professional collaboration lasted for many years.

The Queen’s Success: A Role

Reid’s influence was not limited to Elton John. Reid had a significant impact as manager of Queen between 1975 and 1978. Reid’s tenure with Queen was short, but he made a significant contribution to their place in rock music history.

Controversies & Legal Challenges

Reid’s music career was filled with legal disputes and challenges in his later years. The lawsuit that followed his management of Riverdance’s Michael Flatley resulted from a wrongful termination. A leak about Reid’s extravagant expenditure led to a dispute with Elton John that culminated in Reid paying an out-of court settlement of significant amount in 2000.

After Music Management, a Quiet Retirement

Reid retired in 1999 from the active management of music. His absence from the music industry didn’t erase his contributions. Reid’s contribution to the careers of Elton John, Queen and others remains notable despite his portrayal in movies like “Rocketman”.

Short Public Appearances and Current Life

Reid retired soon after and has remained mostly out of the public eye since. He did briefly appear as a judge in Australia’s version The X Factor, however, in 2005. Reid has lived a private life since then, rarely appearing in public and only commenting on films.

Legacy: A lasting impact on music history

John Reid’s impact on music history is incalculable, regardless of the upheavals. He shaped Elton John’s path to fame and helped Queen become a star. His legacy will endure.

Relationship with Elton John – Are they still friends?

It is unknown what the current state of their friendship is. They had a legal dispute after their 1998 professional collaboration ended. This led to a fallout. Like any other relationship, the dynamics of their relationship may have changed over time. Their current relationship status is unknown to the public.

John Reid’s career as a music manager was marked by both highs (and lows). His story still holds audiences’ attention, even though he is no longer visible in the public eye. This attests to his lasting contributions in the music industry.


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