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Mark Knutson was an iconic figure in Fargo who left an indelible mark on all who met him. Not only a mentor and friend, he was also passionate about 1980s music while running successful businesses and respected leadership positions with faith as the driving force. Many came to regard Mark as visionary leader due to this connection.

Mark was an instrumental force behind making the Fargo Marathon an event to cherish among members of all backgrounds, thanks to his hard work and leadership. Mark made an immeasurable difference to many lives – this can be seen through all of the tributes paid in memory of him since his tragic passing away.

Mark and Donna: An Enduring Relationship Donna Elbert held Mark Knutson dear, as their relationship was of immense value and significance to both of them. Although details about his romance with her remain private, it’s evident that his focus was definitely on Donna: Mark showed his devotion by proposing at the Fargo Marathon- a touching gesture which many witnessed first hand.

Mark was involved in an unfortunate accident which ultimately claimed his life. We express our deepest condolences to his family at this difficult time and will keep them all in our thoughts and prayers.

Tragic Incident of Bicycle Crash
Mark Knutson (53) tragically lost his life when involved in a bicycle collision with a pickup truck towing a boat on Saturday morning, suffering severe injuries before succumbing early Sunday morning due to complications due to those injuries. As yet no criminal charges have been brought forth; investigations continue in regards to this tragic event.

Fargo Marathon Celebration
Since 2005, Mark Knutson has created the Fargo Marathon into an annual road running race held each year. Attracting runners from around the country each year, this scenic half marathon, 10k run and 5-K race provides something suitable for runners of any fitness level and serves as an entry qualifier to Boston.

Sanford Health has long been one of the key supporters of the Fargo Marathon and their partnership has played an essential role in driving its growth and success.

Mark Knutson Has Left an Extended Family; Here Are His Descendents
Mark Knutson left behind an expansive extended family, including three of his children Michael (Daniel) Dantas Carly Knutson, and Cade Knutson as well as parents John & Sharon Knutson as well as twin sisters Lisa Ziegler & Lori Mehus as well as his granddaughter Elena Dantas who will miss him greatly.

Mark Elbert left behind an impactful legacy through all the relatives he touched: Aunts, Uncles, Nieces & Nephews and Cousins alike will carry forward his memory & keep Mark’s dream alive for future generations to enjoy! Mark’s memory lives on in all these relatives: Aunts & Uncles, Nieces and Nieces as well as Cousins etc.


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