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Rikkie Kolle hails from Breda in the Netherlands. On 8 July 2023 she made history when she became the first transgender woman ever crowned Miss Netherlands; marking a significant achievement towards more inclusive beauty pageant environments.

Rikkie Valerie Kollle: From Breda, to Miss Netherlands Rikkie Kolle, 22, an unconventional Dutch-Moluccan woman had an extraordinary journey towards crowning herself Miss Netherlands 2023 contest with poise and perseverance – earning herself her place as history’s inaugural transgender Miss Netherlands beauty pageant contest.

Rikkie was honored at her crowning moment by Ona Moody and R’Bonney Gabriel from Miss Universe at an official ceremony held in Amsterdam by them both. Rikkie’s victory not only symbolized personal victory for herself but was a landmark moment in beauty contest history, reflecting an industry shift toward more inclusive standards of beauty.

Rikkie Kolle: an advocate for queer communities
Rikkie Kolle aims to be more than a beauty queen on pageant stage; her ambitions stretch much deeper. Rikkie wants to use her platform and influence to fight discrimination, empower others and foster acceptance within LGBTQ communities.

Empowering Through Advocacy
Rikkie’s journey from self-acceptance to becoming Miss Netherlands serves as an inspiration to others in the LGBTQ community. She hopes that by competing at Miss Universe 2018 as its official representative from her home country of Netherlands she can use this international stage as an avenue to further encourage acceptance and empowerment for other queer individuals worldwide.

Navigating Challenges: Rikkie Valerie Kolle’s Resilience
Rikkie’s victory wasn’t without controversy – Rikkie was widely misgenderated online while some expressed concerns regarding transgender women competing in beauty pageants.

Rikkie Remains Focused Amid Controversy
Rikkie remains committed to her advocacy work despite recent negative reaction, boasting more than 26,000 Instagram followers who follow along her journey and her preparations for Miss Universe. Rikkie is seen by many within the queer community as both an influential source and source of hope.

Rikkie Kolle’s victory as Miss Netherlands 2023 sends an important message about changing standards of beauty, the necessity and inclusivity of representation and advocacy work for LGBTQ individuals around the globe. Her influence continues to inspire many as she fights barriers while advocating on behalf of her LGBTQ peers worldwide.


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