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Discover the amazing journey of talented American soccer player, Sophia Olivia Smith. We will also explore her promising rise in sports. Discover the people who have helped shape her success and how Sophia Smith’s family has been an important part of her journey.

Sophia Smith: Who is she?

Sophia Olivia Smith, born on August 10, 2000, is a rising star in American soccer. Sophia is best known for playing for Portland Thorns FC in the National Women’s Soccer League and representing her country on international stages.

The Journey Begins

Sophia’s rise to fame began in 2017, when she was selected to the senior national squad. She was able to showcase her talent in two international friendly matches against Russia. She became an asset to her team, and a source of inspiration for young soccer fans.

College Triumphs

Sophia’s talent shone brightly while she studied at Stanford University. Sophia’s significant contribution helped her team win the national title for 2019 – a testament to both her exceptional abilities as well as her dedication to teamwork.

NWSL Draft Success

Sophia’s dream to play in the NWSL College Draft was realized on January 16, 2020, when Portland Thorns FC chose her as the top selection overall. This honor cements Sophia’s status as a rising star of women’s football and her exciting journey is just beginning.

Sophia Smith’s parents: the pillars of support

Sophia Smith was born to Kenny and Mollie. Her journey to stardom in soccer has been carefully nurtured and encouraged. Since her childhood, her parents have always been a constant source of motivation and inspiration for her.

Kenny Smith – The Guiding Force

Kenny Smith has been a key figure in Sophia’s athletic journey. Sophia’s love for sports has been fueled by Kenny Smith’s unwavering faith in her. Kenny, who has a background in basketball, provided Sophia with a unique perspective of athleticism and competitiveness. This created a strong relationship between father and child.

Mollie Smith, The Pillar of Strength

Mollie Smith played a huge role in Sophia’s life from the beginning. Mollie Smith provided emotional support and encouraged Sophia to become an athlete and a person. Mollie’s encouragement and support began with her early interest in soccer and continued through competitive success. Mollie emphasized the importance of teamwork, hard work and determination, traits that she infused into Sophia’s character development as an athlete and person.

The Smith Family: A tight-knit circle of Athletes

The Smith family also includes Savannah and Gabrielle, two other talented daughters. Sports-loving sisters have come together to share their passion for sports, fostering a supportive yet competitive environment where each sister pushes the other further. Their family’s athletes have developed strong bonds through sport and are now a close-knit group.

The Legacy Continues

Sophia Smith’s soccer journey is fueled by her parents’ and siblings’ dedication to sports, and their trust in one another’s abilities. This provides a solid base for Sophia’s success in the future.


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