Who Is Tawny Kitaen? Know How Did She Died? Find the Cause Of Death


Tawny kitaen, a legendary music video star from the 1980s, died suddenly at age 59. The cause of her death has now been revealed, and sheds more light on the sudden exit she made from the entertainment industry.

What was the cause of death for Tawny K. Kitaen?

Orange County Coroner’s Office officials determined dilated cardiomyopathy was responsible for Kitaen’s death. Characterized by an increase in muscle size, this condition prevents the heart from pumping efficiently with blood.

Did there exist any other contributing factors?

No doubt many factors contributed to her demise; these included mild coronary atherosclerosis – wherein the coronary arteries become narrower due to build-ups of fat deposits – as well as medications like mirtazapine (often used to relieve anxiety), acetaminophen, otiamine pregabalin and hydrocodone as pain relievers.

When and where did Tawny Kitaen die?

Kitaen’s name was given as Tawny in an official press release issued by Orange County Coroner’s Office the morning she died at her Newport Beach residence, issued May 7th.

What was the reaction of her family to her death?

Wynter (28), and Raine (22) Kitaen confirmed her death and expressed their sorrow. In a message of gratitude, they thanked everyone for their love and support shown to Kitaen throughout her lifetime. They expressed the immense void that her departure left in their lives.

What was Tawny kitaen known for?

Kitaen became famous in the entertainment industry for her role as Debbie in the 1984 comedy, “Bachelor Party.” She played the fiancée of Tom Hanks, Rick. She was in many films of the 1980s, including “Witchboard,” White Hot,” and Dead Tides. But her music video appearances made her famous. She appeared in many Whitesnake videos, including “Here I Go Again,” “Still of the Night,” and “Here I Go Again.” She also graced the cover of two albums from the heavy metal group Ratt.

Has Tawny kitaen appeared in reality TV shows?

Kitaen did venture into reality TV in the later part of her career. She appeared in “The Surreal Life”, underwent a transformation in “Botched” and on VH1’s Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew. Each appearance allowed fans to get a closer look at her, allowing them to feel more connected with her.

This article gives insight into Tawny’s life, her accomplishments and her sudden death, so that she can be remembered.


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