Who is Victory Gbakara Find the Complete Insights


Who is Victory Gbakara?

Victory Gbakara is a prominent personality from the Urhobo tribe in Delta State in Nigeria. She has proven to be a force that cannot be stopped in the music and legal sectors. The 26-year old, born on February 25, 1997 has become a source of inspiration for many young people and a symbol for determination.

Early Childhood Education

Victory’s passion for music began at an early age. He learned to play the piano and guitar, and was active in choir groups. He remained dedicated to his academic pursuits and earned a law degree from Benson Idahosa University, located in Benin City in Edo State.

Gbakara’s First Foray Into Music: Nigerian Idol, Season 8

Victory’s 2023 life took an amazing turn when he auditioned at Nigerian Idol – Nigeria’s most watched singing competition. Victory’s performance of John Legend’s “All of Me” left the judges as well as the audience speechless, propelling him into the top 10, and ultimately to the finals.

Triumph at Nigerian Idol

Victory won the highly-contested finale of Nigerian Idol Season 8. Victory was awarded the grand prize of N100,000,000, which included N35,000,000 in cash, as well as a brand-new car, record deal and video shoot.

Victory Gbakara Music Inspiration

Victory’s extraordinary music talent can be seen in his admiration of legendary artists such as Whitney Houston, Luther Vandross Michael Jackson and Beyonce. The influence of these musical giants can be seen in his music style which combines elements of R&B, soulful and pop genres.

Victory Gbakara and his Supportive Family

Victory comes from a family that is supportive, and his parents Mr. Gbakara and Mrs. Gbakara played a significant role in his rise to fame. His father, Archbishop Solomon Oghenesuvwetoba Gbakara is well-known in Warri, Delta State. He leads the God’s Will Mission.

Maintaining Humility Among Stardom

Victory is humble despite his many achievements and growing fame. He is always grateful to his fans, and acknowledges their role in realizing his dream of being a celebrated singer/songwriter.

Victory Gbakara, the Dual Role Model

Victory Gbakara’s journey is a powerful inspiration to those who are pursuing their dreams. It’s filled with grit and determination. Victory Gbakara continues to make waves in the music and legal industries. He promises to leave a lasting impression on all who admire his journey.

Victory Gbakara Age

Victory Gbakara will be 26 in 2023. Victory Gbakara is a young man who has already achieved significant milestones both in his legal career as well as in the music industry.

Nigerian Idol: Season 8 Victory’s Breakthrough

Victory’s victory in Nigerian Idol Season 8 catapulted him into fame. He joined previous winners such as Kingdom Kroseide, Progress Chukwuyem and others in the prestigious league of Nigerian Idol Winners.

The Grand Prize, Its Impact

Victory’s win on Nigerian Idol brought him not only widespread recognition, but also a N100 million grand prize. Victory’s place in the music business was further cemented by this significant award.

Victory Gbakara Relationship Status

Victory prefers to keep the details of his personal life private. He would rather focus his energies on his successful career.

Victory Gbakara Proud Urhobo Heritage

Victory is proud to be a member of the Urhobo, an ethnic group that makes up one of the biggest ethnic groups in Delta State. His cultural background has a significant impact on his artistic expression and identity. He has brought the richness of Nigerian culture to a global audience by winning Nigerian Idol.


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