Who Was Deborah Brandao Reddit Complete Details


Who was Deborah Brandao? Why did she die?

Deborah Brandao was brutally killed by former partner Danelo Cavalcante of Pennsylvania before their two children in front of them on December 17, 2018 for unknown reasons; many suspect he did it to prevent Brandao from coming forward with information related to an act he performed between 2017-2018 in Brazil. The motive remains unknown at present but many speculate he killed Brandao to keep any witnesses quiet regarding said act that could implicate himself or him personally in it. Cavalcante could have murdered Brandao in order to prevent any disclosure about an act that he committed there in 2017. Brandao has not revealed any information about his family or the reasons behind their separation.

What were Danelo Souza Cavalcante’s previous crimes?

Cavalcante, who committed the horrific act against Brandao in 2017, was already wanted by Brazilian authorities for an homicide that occurred in 2017. Cavalcante had entered the country illegally through Puerto Rico in order to avoid being arrested. He lived a quiet life before his horrifying actions were brought into focus. Brandao’s death may have been linked to Cavalcante’s criminal past in Brazil.

What was the impact of Brandao tragedy on Brandao’s children?

Brandao has left behind two children, an eight-year old daughter and a seven-year old son. Cavalcante is not related to either child. The murder of their mother was likely a life-changing event for the children who were present. This will stay with them well into adulthood. To protect them from public scrutiny, their identities and locations are kept secret.

How Did Cavalcante Escape From Prison?

Cavalcante, who was sentenced to life in prison for Brandao’s murder, made a daring getaway from Chester County Prison. Prison officials have yet to provide more details of Cavalcante’s escape attempt; it is speculated that she took advantage of security vulnerabilities within the prison system to make her break-out attempt successful.

What are the authorities doing to capture Cavalcantes?

Pennsylvania State Police and U.S. Marshals Service have joined forces in an intensive manhunt for Cavalcante. There is an incentive of $10,000 offered for information leading to his capture, while Lt. Col George Bivens from Pennsylvania State Police stated Cavalcante could resist arrest using lethal force against law enforcement agents if needed. The community understandably feels on edge as this dangerous person remains at large.

The conclusion of the article is:

Danelo Cavalcante’s story is a testament to how far some people will go to avoid justice. The authorities are trying to end this story and bring some peace to Brandao and his family.


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