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Peter Farquhar, a British writer and educator who was renowned for leaving enduring legacies in literature to his students until his tragic death at the age of 69 on 26 October 2015, was a British icon. Farquhar was born on January 3, 1946. He spent his entire life teaching children how to appreciate literature and he did this until the fateful date of October 26, 2015.

Peter Farquhar’s Early Childhood and Education

Peter Farquhar is from Edinburgh in Scotland. He discovered his love for literature at Latymer Upper School, London. After realizing this potential, he was accepted into Churchill College Cambridge. Farquhar achieved a first class degree in English at Cambridge due to his academic ability and dedication.

Peter Farquhar: An Illustrious Career as an Educationist

Farquhar began a rewarding education career with his exceptional qualifications. Farquhar was a teacher at Manchester Grammar School for many years. His passion for literature inspired students.

Farquhar then joined Stowe School, a respected educational institution that is known for its excellence. His commitment to his pupils earned him a reputation as a remarkable teacher and mentor.

Farquhar’s career progressed and he began lecturing at Buckingham University. Farquhar’s insightful analyses, engaging discussions and ability to ignite passion in literature made him a popular figure among his students.

Peter Farquhar’s Influence on Literature

Farquhar has also become a successful author. Farquhar’s ability to use his insight into life and relationships to create stories that resonated with the readers was another aspect of an already impressive career.

Peter Farquhar’s Murder: A Tragic End

Ben Field, Farquhar’s former partner, devised a sinister plan that ended his life. Farquhar was gaslighted for a long time, which made him question his sanity. Field used alcohol and sedatives to manipulate Farquhar, which led to his untimely death from alcohol poisoning.

Investigation and Trial

After initially being ruled as an accident, the death of Field’s neighbour, Ann Moore Martin, was investigated after she died in suspicious circumstances. Field was found guilty of Farquhar’s murder and attempted murder of Moore Martin. He was sentenced for 36 years.

Documentary “The Sixth Commandment”.

The BBC will release a documentary in 2020 called “The Sixth Commandment” that details Field’s manipulative techniques and their tragic results. The documentary was intended to increase awareness of the harmful effects of gaslighting.

Gaslighting: Raising awareness

Farquhar’s tragic death serves as a reminder of the damaging impact of gaslighting, an abusive tactic in which abusers make victims question their sanity to gain control.

Peter Farquhar’s Legacy

Peter Farquhar led a life of admirable dedication to education and literature. His influence continues to live on even after his death through his many contributions to literature and countless students that he inspired.

Farquhar’s tragic ending continues to raise public awareness of the dangers associated with gaslighting. This ensures that Farquhar’s story will continue to be a valuable lesson to society. His legacy is testament to his lasting impact on education and literature.


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