Winnie Mandela Cause Of Death – How Did Mandela’s First Wife Died?


Winnie Mandela is one of many icons in South Africa who has championed freedom. Few, however, have been as unyielding, fiery and steadfast as Winnie Mandela. Winnie Mandela is not only Nelson Mandela’s wife, but she was also a passionate anti-apartheid campaigner in her own rights. Her legacy is immense. The nation said goodbye to her indomitable spirit at the age of 80.

Full NameWinnie Mandela
Date of birthSeptember 26, 1936
Political AffiliationAfrican National Congress
WeddingsNelson Mandela and his wife in 1958
ChildrenEzinhle and Zindzi, born 1959 and 1960 respectively
Notable MomentAccompanied Nelson Mandela upon his release from prison
ControversyIn 1991, convicted of kidnapping Stompie Seipei and accessory to the assault
Date of deathApril 2, 2018
Cause of DeathChronic disease

Early life and commitment to activism

Born September 26th 1936, Winnie quickly entered politics. Winnie was a leader of the Women’s League and an active member of African National Congress. Winnie’s death on April 17, 1998, after almost ten years of service on the National Executive Committee for both the Women’s League and African National Congress (ANC) parties made history.

Nelson Mandela: Standing with him

In 1958, her personal and political life intertwined. She married Nelson Mandela. In 1959 and 1960, Ezinhle, and Zindzi were born. Winnie Mandela holding hands with Nelson Mandela after his release from 27 years in prison is etched into the collective memory of humanity. Their 38-year marriage was marked by the most difficult separations due to Nelson’s long incarceration. Winnie and Nelson divorced in 1996 but Winnie’s unwavering commitment to Nelson’s cause and his legacy did not change.

Controversies & Convictions

Her life was not free of controversy. Winnie’s life was not without controversy. In 1991 she was found guilty of kidnapping Stompie Seipei and being an accessory to her assault. The death of Seipei at the hands Mandela’s guards caused a rift to her reputation. The original sentence was a six-year prison term. However, this was reduced to a fine with a suspended jail sentence after an appeal.

The Final Days

Winnie Mandela passed away at the beginning of April 2018. According to starsunfolded the cause was a chronic disease. South Africa has lost its first Black First Lady. This title barely captures her contributions.

What Legacy She leaves behind

Many remember her as Nelson Mandela’s supportive wife during his long prison sentence, but her identity extends beyond that. She was a torchbearer of many women who embodied strength in the face adversity. She showed her commitment to South Africa despite personal and political controversy with an unwavering spirit.

Winnie Mandela is a symbol of resistance and anti-apartheid activism for many. Celebrities as well as ordinary South Africans paid tribute to her, demonstrating how deeply she has impacted our national consciousness.

Reflecting on Dedication in a Lifetime

It is important to remember her life and show respect for it, even though the world continues its mourning. Winnie Mandela remained unfazed by the personal and political challenges she faced.

Winnie Mandela’s journey is an inspiration to all who sacrifice for justice and equality. Her legacy, deeply rooted in South African history will continue to inspire future generations.


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